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Why and How To Use Centers In Your Classroom – Part 2 Centers As Assessment Tools

My affection for using centers in my classroom grew even more when I realized the center I had planned and set up could also be used as assessment tools! Not only was I getting more mileage out of the centers, but y students were familiar with these centers so it wasn’t something new and different which made the assessment process more comfortable for everyone.

Why and How To Use Centers In Your Classroom – Part 1 Why I Love Centers!

Not only was Emerson participating in the cents and catching all the learning there, he was – more importantly – interacting with his fellow classmates! There was laughing, talking about what they were seeing and doing, and even cooperation among these friends – with Emerson right there in the mix. I seriously attribute his about-face to those center placed out around the classroom.

Fun with Kids Felt Board Sets!

These are the same kind of kids felt board sets I’ve used in my classroom and at music time for 20 years!

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