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Fun with Kids Felt Board Sets!

When I was a little girl, my kindergarten teacher had felt board sets out all the time. Mrs. McGregor was a really good teacher (she was also my second grade teacher – lucky me!) and she always explained how to use the felt pieces. She’d show us all as a class how to sort and match colors and shapes, sort like objects together (which is really science!) how to pattern, and just to count all the felt pieces. I made sure to play with those every day! I adored felt board pieces and all the things you could do with them! 

When I first started teaching students in my classroom and music to 40 3-4-year-olds twice a day, one of the first things I wanted for my classroom and music was felt board sets. I knew the kids coming into my class would love them. And I would secretly love them just remembering being in Kindergarten myself! 

Kids Felt Board Sets - Learn and Teach Preschool Colors. Preschool Color Activities. Color Sorting and Matching.

As I started looking around for felt sets, however, they were super expensive and weren’t very creative. I could find sets for themes or holidays, which could only be put out during certain times of the year – not very cost effective. And I still couldn’t find felt board sets for kids to learn in a creative, independent or teamwork way or to use with songs at music time.  

As it happened, around the same time, I literally stumbled across how to make felt board pieces! So, first for music, I started making flannel board pieces and sets to go along with the songs I was teaching, and then as learning tools in my classroom. 

Now, through Honeycomb Preschool’s Etsy shop, we’ve put up the same kind of kids felt board sets I’ve used in my classroom and at music time! There’s lots of learning here for classrooms and at home for your toddlers and preschool-aged kids! Remember, too, these are great to take in the car, appointments, during quiet time, or to Grandma and Grandpa’s house! 

Preschool Colors Felt Set – 

Kids Felt Board Set to Learn Colors. Learn 10 Preschool Colors. Color sorting activities. Use at Music and circle time with Honeycomb Preschool Color Songs Pack on Etsy.

Made with photos of objects for kids to see real-world connections to colors, this set is perfect to use at music time or circle time! This flannel board set is a companion set to the Color Songs Pack in our Etsy Shop. These are great to use to sort colors (math) and to scientifically categorize items – things we eat/don’t eat, animals/not animals, nature made/manmade . . .

Spring Flowers Felt Set – 

Spring Flower Felt Board for Kids. Preschool shape activities. Preschool number activities. PreK number sense activities. Color flowers.

The bright colorful flowers will draw kids into this felt set where they will match numbers or shapes on pots and flowers, or sort colors, or sort flower shapes! There’s also plenty of gardening containers and pots to create their own garden, remembering to count all those flowers as they set up their garden scene! 

After explaining how to use the felt pieces – maybe at circle time – watch your students learn and grow using these felt board sets created for kids – and maybe the kid in you, too! 

Look for these in our Honeycomb Preschool Etsy Shop:

Preschool Color Songs Pack Honeycomb Preschool on Etsy. Teach preschool colors with songs and activities.
Color Songs Pack
Preschool Colors Felt Board Set. Teach and Learn Colors. Color sorting and matching activities. Color Songs.
Colors Felt Board Set
Spring Flower Felt Board Set. Preschool Shapes activities. Preschool number activities. Preschool colors activities.
Spring Flowers Felt Board Set

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