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Learning From Nursery Rhymes

Kids love nursery rhymes because they’re full of silly words and rhymes, they have animals acting like people, funny names for the characters, and they’re catchy to say. But did you know nursery rhymes are filled with teaching and learning opportunities? Language Development Calling My Language Bank Nursery Rhymes are filled with vocabulary not often… Continue reading Learning From Nursery Rhymes

Children’s Open-Ended Art

There have been many days teaching preschoolers where I’ve put aside the planned lessons for the morning or afternoon because my students were so engaged with the open-ended art table there was no way to stop them from creating! I love those kind of days! You might be considering all the learning that’s being abandoned… Continue reading Children’s Open-Ended Art

The Importance of Preschool Math

Why is it important to teach math to preschoolers? Math concepts spill over into every area of preschool learning. Kids who have learned basic math concepts by the time they reach Kindergarten are better able to understand abstract thought using concrete, real-world concepts. Let’s look at specific areas of learning how math concepts help your… Continue reading The Importance of Preschool Math

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